• Short Term Rental Agreement

    Made and entered into this , between Sweet Escape Villa Rentals, hereinafter called the Owner and hereinafter called the Renter; whereby the Owner agrees to rent to the Renter the Property located or known as Sweet Escape’s , Providenciales, TCI on the following terms and conditions:

    Rental Period: to , Total Rate for people for Nights’ Accommodations: USD $ (Taxes & Utilities Included*) *AC is metered based on usage however, $140 are included and even if you go over by $20, we do not charge you. So simply keep the doors and windows closed when the Air Conditioning is on, and you will not go over. Turn the AC off when you are out for the day. Turn it on when you get home. It cools down the house quickly or keeps the AC on 28 degrees in the bedroom so when you come home you have a cool space. Also, the cleaning fee of $150 is included. If you want a mid-week cleaning, please let Josie know when you check in. (Rate is $40 cash for 2 hr. minimum). See Part C & D for Jeep, SUV or Boat Rental.

    Villa Deposit: USD$

    Villa Balance: USD$

    Damage Deposit: $600.00 - Pre-Authorization Only - processed only if damage within 14 days of departure.

    Number of people travelling with you that will be staying in the Villa: - # of adults # of children

    Renter agrees with the following TERMS AND RENTAL CONDITIONS.

    • Pets: Pets are NOT permitted on the property, unless arranged with the Owner prior.
    • Linens: Sheets, pillowcases and towels WILL be supplied by the Owner.
    • Complimentary Items: Toiletries (dish detergent, toilet paper) are supplied by the Owner
    • Check-in time: 3 pm Check- out time: 11 am
    • These times may vary depending on the rental period and the season; Owner will advise.

    • Garbage is to be secured by Renter in plastic bags and placed in specified container as follows: Owner will advise. Recycling is to be handled as follows: Owner will advise.
    • Keys must be left in a pre-determined designated area. If the keys are not returned replacement costs will be deducted from the damage deposit. Owner will advise.
    • Credit Card Payments Payable To: Sweet Escape Villa Rentals - Authorization Form Attached
    • Wire Transfer Details on Separate Form.

    Renter Information:

    Name Of All Occupants

    Contact Information:

    Email Address: sweetescapetci@gmail.com

    Phone 1.888.642.1929

    Fax 1.888.778.3557

    Short Term Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions

    Please complete and sign the statement below. By doing so, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the Short-Term Rental Agreement. Please return to Sweet Escape by fax to 1-888-778-3557 or by email.


    Pre-Authorization of Rental Fee Deposit, Deposit Rental Fee Balance, and Damage Deposit

    Check the “I accept the above terms”, date, sign, and return by fax to Sweet Escape Villa Rentals 1-888-778-3557 within 24 hours.

    Payment by Credit Card

    Villa Rental Fee Deposit

    I, paid $ via PayPal on , when I booked via the Sweet Escape TCI Website in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. (There is a 4.1% cc fee that will be added)

    Villa Rental Fee Balance

    I, authorize Sweet Escape Villa Rentals to process my credit card for the balance owing on the rental 40 days prior to my arrival Date process USD $ for my stay at Sweet Escape’s , in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos on =, . (I understand there is a 4.1% cc fee to be processed on Visa or Mastercard or you can transfer to sweetescapevillarentas@gmail.com via PayPal NOT sweetescapetci@gmail.com). Thank you.

    Visa Or Master Card Only,No Amex

    **Please also ATTACH a photocopy of your Photo ID: - Driver’s License to confirm your identity.